History of the Restaurant:

During the Kyiv Rus times this location was occupied by the village Berestovo with the out-of-town residence of the Kyiv monarchs and Pecherskiy and Nikolskiy monasteries. Later the monasteries became surrounded by Lavra and Nikolskaya residential districts mostly occupied by monastery servants. At the end of the 17th century under hetman I. Samoylovych commenced the construction of Pecherskiy stronghold. The stronghold boasted three arches: Kiev, Vasylkiv and Moscow, with lift-bridges over the graff. Now, among several military bridges, the Moscow and Vasylkiv arches are still preserved. In September, 1998 our restaurant was opened in the former gunpowder storage facility of the Pecherskiy stronghold to treat the true gourmands to the most delicious courses.