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Ivana Kupala Holiday

We invite you to Kupala weekend in Tsarske Selo. It is a special, magical summer festival and many customs, traditions and beliefs are associated with it.Activities’ Kupala Weekend in Tsarske Selo:July 10 / Saturday at 15:00v Tradition of the holiday – weaving a Kupala wreathv Painting henna “Drawing amulet”

New breakfast in Tsarske Selo

Every day from 9:00 – 12:00 we are waiting for you at updated chief breakfasts in Tsarske Selo restaurant. Delicious, hearty, varied dishes are the best start of your day!

Easter Day

Easter is a bright holiday with heavenly flowers, baskets with fragrant cakes and colorful Easter eggs. A generous Easter table is a symbol of heavenly joy. Tsarske Selo prepares Easter baskets with traditional Ukrainian dishes. We are waiting for you 1 May! Music, workshop for children from 15:00-18:00 painting wooden eggs. We open the summer […]

Lent menu

Today, March 15, Great Lent. This is a special period for all Orthodox Christians, its purpose to prepare for Easter. Lent is quite long and lasts 48 days. It ends traditionally on the eve of Easter, which is celebrated 2May this year. This is the longest and most rigorous post. We invite you to the […]

Delicious breakfast

Delicious breakfasts in Tsarske Selo! We invite you to the breakfast menu every morning from 9:00! A large selection of favorite morning chief dishes from Tsarske Selo.

Maslenitsa Days

We meet Maslenitsa in Tsarske Selo! Maslenitsa is one of the oldest holidays of the Slavic peoples. Real fun that has kept its traditions today. This delicious and incredibly satisfying holiday lasts a whole week preceding Lent. The name of the holiday “Maslenitsa” is associated with the fact that meat products were excluded of the […]

Christmas day in Tsarske Selo

Christmas in Ukraine is a favorite holiday, which is awaited and loved for a festively decorated Christmas tree, the opportunity to party, see nativity scenes, and taste delicious kutya in Tsarske Selo. 7th of January from 14:00 we invite you to the Christmas holiday in your favorite restaurant! We treat homemade kutya and uzvar. For […]

Christmas gif of Tsarske Selo

The best gift for the Christmas holidays is a delicious chest with delicacies from Tsarske Selo restaurant.   Large holiday chest: 2350 UAH Pork 500 gr Chicken roll 500 gr Olivier salad 500 gr Herring salad Chicken pate 200 gr Duck stuffed with 1.5 kg Cake “Napoleon” 1 kg Tangerines 1 kg Tsarske Selo liqueur […]

Fabulous winter in Tsarske Selo

We open champagne and meet a fabulous winter with Tsarske Selo restaurant! Olivier festival, favorite chief’s dishes, music, children’s programs and interesting master classes every weekend .We are waiting for you every day from 10: 00-22: 00! 297x420_TS-winter-01

Fastin menu in Tsarske Selo

On Saturday, November 28, Christmas Fast starts,  which is also called Filippovsky or “Filipki”. It will be 40 days – until January 6.During the fast, it is important to observe dietary restrictions, so we have selected the most delicious, satisfying and correct menu for your family: light vinaigrette, potato pancakes with mushrooms, potato zrazy with […]

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