Pottery Master Class (December 1)

Pottery Master Class (December 1)

What could be better than a family weekend in the Tsar’s Village!

Your family didn’t have potters who could pass on their craft secrets to you? This is not a problem at all, and on Sunday (December 1st) we will hold a children’s workshop on pottery.

From ancient times pottery has been a great success. After all, without utensils, without cups and pots, we would not be able to prepare and store food. Therefore, in ancient times it was the most popular product. The potters were very well off people. And in the modern world pottery has its own prospects, being an activity that often grows into a family business. However, this craft requires you to work hard and want to make your dream come true, to develop it further.



A specially designed pottery master class will allow you and your children to immerse themselves in the authentic world of our ancestral traditions, to tell the younger generation more about the land on which they grow and learn how to create such pleasing hands and eyes clay things.

The process of making clay products is a very intriguing and unforgettable process – you don’t even imagine what might end up being the end. It’s like a lottery – the kids start working on one project, but the clay in their hands can behave in such a way that they see a new image and wish to bring it to life.

See you in Tsarskoe Selo!

For restaurant guests free of charge!

Date and time: December 1st, from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Venue: Tsarskoe Selo Restaurant

Address: Lavra, 22

Registration on the site at: https://tsarske.kiev.ua/